Engagement Examples

Business Planning:

Developed a business plan for the introduction and testing of a new and innovative social services delivery model for a leading mental health and prevention services agency. The plan was instrumental in creating internal consensus and ownership, attracting private and public funding, and developing community and agency partnerships

Business Planning:

For a major consumer food company, established a 3 year roadmap for growth, including leveraging strategic assets to strengthen existing businesses, enter current and adjacent categories via internal product development and prioritized target business acquisitions.

Earned Income Opportunity Assessment:

Conducted successful market opportunity assessment of fee-for-service earned income concept for major nonprofit with highly leverageable market knewledge and functional capacity base

Evaluation of New Business Proposition:

Developed and evaluated business proposition for a new "experience-driven" retailing concept designed to leverage a specialty brand owned by a major packaged food company. Work included development of financial models and recommendations on concept revisions to enhance scale and profitability 

Future Market Trend Forecasting/Assessment:

Studied the expected impact of the internet and related technologies on consumer behavior over next 5-10 years for leading national food operator. Analysis included identification of expected "high-penetration" technologies and hypothesis on associated changes on consumer home management, shopping, eating, travel, entertainment and other social behavior. Lastly, developed implications and recommendations for client's business

Growth Platform Development:

Conducted detailed business analysis of an unprofitable division of a major packaging company. Established a new customer value proposition, a revised organization structure and a new pricing strategy which led return to profitability

Growth Platform Development:

Developed and evaluated alternative growth platforms and product concepts that leveraged and expanded well-known brand name into new product categories for a leading household products company

Market/Customer Analysis:

Helped major food manufacturer update and strengthen its knowledge of a major product category in convenience store channel by analyzing market data/trends and by conducting comprehensive operator "best practices" study. Developed alternative new product/service category growth platforms for prospective C-Store customers

Marketing and Sales Strategy:

Developed improved marketing and sales strategy fro nation's largest domestic hunger relief charity. Strategy incorporated financial modeling tools and resulting donation rationale which helped drive increased product donations from major food and beverage manufacturers, distributors and operators

Marketing Plan Development:

Developed membership-building marketing plan, featuring strengthened value proposition, for a national business association. Helped reverse steady membership erosion and erase related financial pressures

Marketing Research and Strategy Development:

Developed strategic marketing plan for a renowned specialty healthcare institution. Conducted research on awareness and attitudes of key constituencies, and in-depth industry and competitive analysis. Recommendations led to comprehensive CRM program and improved brand identity and positioning

Non-Profit Management::

Served as Interim Executive Director for social service agency for 6 months prior to hire of new full-time Executive Director. Agency annual budget was $1.5 million, with a staff of 17.

Organizational Development:

Led the senior management team of regional specialty food marketing and distribution company in evaluation of planning and management processes which had resulted in priority confusion, slow decision-making, and weakened organization morale. Recommended changes led to new, more effective processes and improved teamwork and morale

Shared Marketing Services Strategy:

Developed shared marketing services strategy for a regional multi-facility hospital system. Strategy expected to generate more than $1 million in annual savings, while strengthening institutional marketing expertise and overall productivity

Strategic Plan Situation Analysis:

Conducted detailed internal and external analysis identifying key issues and opportunities and other suggested strategic considerations for a mid-size nonprofit.  This was instrumental in informing strategic plan development under new organization leadership

Strategic Planning:

Led board and staff of 45 year old social service agency in strategic planning process that included market research based Situation Analysis, Strategy Development and Action Planning

Strategic Planning:

Led the management team of a privately-owned meeting & convention hotel in building first-time formal strategic plan. Work included current state assessment, identification of key issues and opportunities, strategic alternatives, and three year plan that enjoyed full management team "buy-in." Implementation led to consistent revenue and profit growth over the planning period

Strategic Planning:

Facilitated strategic and business plan development for environmental task force leading to formation of start-up, multi-state/multi-constituency alliance

Turnaround Business Plan Development:

Developed a two-year turnaround business plan, with specific short-term targets, for the portfolio management team of a private equity firm. Company met targets and was subsequently sold for an attractive multiple of original purchase price