CEO, Sector-Leading Food Packaging Company:

"Jim conducted an overall portfolio review and worked with us to develop a new strategic direction for my company. After that, he continued to help the organization with restructuring planning and implementation, and sales and marketing planning for the new operation. His work was creative and thorough. His assistance in implementation was invaluable. Plus, he was great to have on the team."

Director of Strategy, Fortune 100 Food Company:

"Jim completed a number of strategic studies that were vital in helping us assess new categories in terms of both fit and market entry approaches. These projects helped (our company) either grow its business or avoid costly losses. Jim is very personable and professional, and was excellent to work with. "

Division President, Consumer Food Group:

"We worked with Jim and Everest on a growth plan ... I was looking for a highly practical and affordable effort at the time, and we got it. The overall work and the analysis were outstanding - and it was a good ROI ... Jim and his associates were very good to work with, and we had fun doing the project together as well."

EVP Strategic Services, Major Human Services Nonprofit:

"Jim brought his seasoned marketing skills to a major new initiative for us, and delivered a very valuable market assessment that served as the basis for our business plan. He brought great business discipline to the financial projections, and worked with high integrity on confidential issues."

New Business Director, Major Food Company:

"I've worked with Jim on several different initiatives over the past several years. Jim went above and beyond to deliver against the project objectives. He quickly weeds through the details to identify the critical issues ... Jim possesses a broad experience base that allows him to offer a unique perspective on the business ... His strategic insight has been extremely valued in establishing appropriate direction for several new innovation platforms. Jim is a sharp and diligent professional."

SVP Development, Performance Planning & Policy, Major Human Services Nonprofit:

"I am pleased to endorse Jim Kauffman. I worked closely with Jim in his capacity as nonprofit management consultant helping the organization I worked for develop its strategic business plan for a comprehensive, bold, community-wide initiative. The developed plan has been used as a blueprint to planned implementation and expansion. Jim was able to distill complex data and facilitate productive and effective teamwork."

SVP Marketing, Paperboard Manufacturer:

"Jim Kauffman and his Everest Group were key to the turnaround of our business unit. Jim's work with annual customer surveys and in-depth analysis/interpretation of the results helped us develop a unique business strategy that helped a losing business become a very profitable one ... Especially valuable was his keen business insight that helped us identify hidden, unexplored customer needs. I highly recommend Jim and The Everest Group to any organization seeking to grow and improve their profitability, especially if they are seeking a unique strategic advantage over their competition."

V.P. Sales & Marketing, Major Ingredient Company:

"I have had the good fortune to work with Jim in (several different companies). Jim has provided value again and again in working with my senior management teams ... I would strongly recommend Jim to anyone who needs assistance and facilitation in business planning. "